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Fortune Empire Holding Co., a leading private holding company that makes investments across major asset classes where we capture value and growth. We have a value investor mentality with a short and long-term investment outlook.

We focus on delivering sustainable value for all of our shareholders by pursuing investments that we believe are either undervalued or whose growth potential is significant and possibly underappreciated. We offer unique benefits to our clients, beginning with our combine 90 years of equity investing experience.

Our international network provides access to well-regarded experts teams and  institutions. Other advantages include: Our ability to have access to sophisticated financial advice in public and private market financing, mergers, acquisitions, trading, foreign exchange, commodities and investment and economic research. Relationships with several corporations, individuals and governments worldwide in sourcing, structuring and operating successful business ventures. A creative approach to identifying attractive investments by leveraging the scale of our committed capital, and experience.

Our very successful executions, even in difficult market environments, are due to our established relationships and broad access to financing and capital markets.

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